Spring Virtual Christian College fair



Explore the comprehensive, ongoing
virtual college booths anytime

March 20–31

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Interact LIVE with reps from each college

•  Wednesday, March 22  •  7 to 10 pm (EDT)  •
•  Tuesday, March 28  •  7 to 10 pm (EDT)  •


Reps will be in their booths from 7-10 pm (ET) / 4-7 pm (PT)

College-prep webinars will take place before the live session begins - watch for more details


College Matchmaking™ . . . What is it?


Register today and receive your personalized list of matched schools
to guide you through the fair.

During the registration process you will be asked to identify the attributes you are currently looking for in a college or university. Your selections will be compared to the attributes of the institutions registered for the fair. We will provide you a list of schools with whom you match in all or nearly all categories. This list will be useful as you visit the virtual fair and have conversations with the college representatives.


Worthwhile Investment

Attending a Christian college or university is a worthwhile investment that far outweighs the risks of attending a public school. We firmly believe our members' campus cultures and commitments to integrating faith into our classrooms helps students not only maintain their faith but also make it stronger. Our schools work to help students to have the best academic foundation possible so they can fulfill their calling in any career and stand out among other college graduates. 

Higher Graduation Rate

There is a significantly higher graduation rate in four years for undergraduate students attending Christian colleges & universities versus other institutions. While students attending Christian schools graduate in about 4.5 years, those at public institutions take approximately 6.2 years. By completing their studies two years earlier, Christian college & university graduates can enter the job force and get ahead start on paying off student loans.